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  • Periodic List of Elements


    I created this app hoping it would help students, scientists, and anyone interested in science learn/have a reference of the periodic table of elements.

    There does seem to be another app similar to mine in the store, but I can promise you mine has more features. :)

    If you believe I made any mistakes in the app, please don't hesitate to contact me, I don't want to be giving anyone false information! Also contact me if you have some improvements you think I should make. :)


    created by - GRA0007
  • Element Flashcards


    Study the periodic table. The watchface displays a randomly selected element name, symbol, and atomic number (along with the time). Updates every 15 seconds. This version is for Pebbles that have been upgraded to SDK 2.

    created by - Vok
  • Local Scape


    Local Scape is a watchface that displays images from where you are. It requires httPebble or Pebble Connect to communicate with the Internet.

    Your location is retrieved from your smart phone GPS. This location is then used to pull random images near your location from public Flickr galleries. These images are displayed on your Pebble at periodic intervals.

    Customizable settings include the interval time, date format, vibration alerts, and whether you wish to see images appear progressively. The shortest refresh interval will use your watch battery more. To customize this watch, go to

    Sometimes the images are hard to understand due to the small black-and-white Pebble display - so consider it a challenge if you can identify where the photo was taken!

    The White House image was one of the first images that appeared after I developed this app (guess what city I was visiting).

    This app is experimental, and I don't know how scalable it is because of the server image-processing load. It also has heavy reliance on httPebble, which experiences timeouts and disconnects. Releasing this app is a bit risky - I hope my server can handle the traffic. Apologies in advance if the server is overwhelmed.

    Thanks for Greg Dolecki for the app name.

    created by - GORGES


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