This is my first attempt to do an arkanoid-clone on the pebble.
It was not as easy as I thought and I hit the 24k app-size limit more than once. :-)

Control: (can be changed, see below)
'up' - move left
'select' - start / pause game
'down' - move right

There are five different kind of 'power-ups':
1. extraball
2. slow ball
3. fast ball
4. 'power'-ball (destroys blocks without being reflected)
5. missile launcher (automatically launches missiles from your paddle)

Currently there are 34 levels but if you've finished level 34 it starts over at level 1 with a slightly faster ball.

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- Added a new PowerUp: Missile launcher!
- Added 14 more levels.
- The duration of active PowerUps is now show at the bottom.
- The Ball should now reflect correctly at blocks.
- Made blocks one pixel smaller so one additional column fits in.
- Existing levels slightly redesigned because of the additional column.
- You gain an extra live each 250 Points.
- A lot of tweaks under the hood to reduce the app-size to get all the new stuff in.

- Added a missing long_click-release handler (This is the only thing which may rudimentary could cause issues)
- Fixed a bug that the 'Slow ball'-powerup had increased the ball-speed instead of slowing it down.
- Did some memory-optimization (Just saved 96 Bytes however :-) )

- game-engine optimized. Now runs at 50fps.
- long-press 'select' to enter options. You can choose which button controls which direction (as usual options are not persistent)
- game can be paused (press 'select' while game is running).
- ball becomes faster each time you've finished all 20 levels.

a few things are fixed.
Added more levels (it's 20 level now).

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