Pip Boy 100


A Pebble watchface inspired by Fallout’s Pip Boy.

Lef-top shows the date.
Right-top shows battery charge.
Middle “VaultBoy” shows bluetooth connection. (images changes depending on the connection state)
When the connection state changes the Pebble will vibrate.
The watchface uses the accelerometer and with certain movements you will gain experience points and you can level up.
You can shake your Pebble to get the current weather shown.

Your experience points will be saved on the Pebble so you can safely switch watchfaces without losing your experience.

Want to donate for this watchface?
LTC: LUSCQzTPtJqGxXnT6dDcwX6q4WRx8C3k79
BTC: 19eedmhy2uRTkPRJtzcbkC9UnLQxHXjnay

Update History

A leaderboard has been added, compete for the top 20 Vault Dwellers!

created by - Grimbert

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