Plex Remote


A Pebble app for controlling Plex - uses the new PebbleKitJS to make HTTP calls to control Plex clients.

Configure in the Pebble app.

Update History

1.3.2: Pause/play works on most Plex clients now.

1.3.1: Switched to step forward and step backward, as Plex Home Theater removes the ability to actually fast-forward and rewind. Buttons now jump back and forth in playback of your media.

1.3.0: Added MyPlex authentication for users who have local network authentication required.

1.2.1: Fixes a stray pixel on the pause/play button. Yes, I'm that annoyed by it.

1.2: Properly implements the action bar, lays groundwork for ability to display "Now Playing" info.

Based on Plex's sparse documentation, "Now Playing" would require you to have a PlexPass subscription (which is paid). I think that's a bit of an absurd thing to put behind a paywall, so you should pressure @plexapp on Twitter to open that information up to everyone via the HTTP API.

created by - spangborn

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