Motiv8 (Activity/Calorie Tracker)


Pedometer and Calorie Tracker - Tracks daily activities (similar to step counter, but just in activity units) using internal Pebble sensor and calculates calories burned for the current day. User can setup a daily activity goal and watch face will display progress towards goal. User can enter personal data such as weight, height, age and goal via settings page for better accuracy. No additional smartphone app needed.

Update History

Version 1.0.2
Supporting 12h and 24h clock
added date and day

Version 1.0.4
Added a details screen that can be shown by flicking the wrist
Details screen show Activity count histogram by the hour (24 bars one per hour starting at 00:00 to 23:00)
Details screen will show previous day calories if stored

Version 1.1
fixed some memory leaks

Version 1.1.1
made settings page so they save on the phone
added option to show seconds in the watch
added option to enable and disable activity graph display
some improvements to saving counters throughout the day in case watch crashes (Pebble still not 100% stable)

improved stability fixed memory leaks
added back the settings screen as it is supported by pebble now
by default the activity graph is disabled.

this version of MOTIV8 works with the MOTIV8 Fit companion app on iTunes
improvements to the interface and stability
please note this version does not have a settings screen. If you don;t want the
companion app, but the settings screens please download the version in
the pebble app store

added battery percent next t battery indicator
improved algorithm accuracy (filtered out vibration)

fixed bug when showing AM/PM on 24 hr clock

created by - Hofi2010

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