Modern Minimal (Badge)


Modern Minimal (previously Modern Extra Minimal):
Analog Watchface:

-Shake to show Bluetooth/Battery status
-Bluetooth disconnect icon (with vibrate)
-Battery level shows at <30%
-Battery charging indicator
-Great on battery (1 update/min)
-Improved discrete hand movement
-Redesigned, cleaned-up hour numbers

-Shake when charging to show battery level (hold charging connector)

Update History

-Changed name to "Modern Minimal (Badge) (to allow for the use of "Modern Minimal" for the app with a settings screen in the future)
-Fixed issue where charging indicator would not show
-Further improved BT disconnect logic (even better reduction of duplicate vibrations)
-Fixed issue with iOS users where a single disconnect would result in 2 vibrations (because of the dual 2.0 & 4.0 BT connections)
-Added code for future implication of a settings screen

-Changed name to "Modern Minimal"
-Improved BT disconnect vibration logic (reduces duplicate vibrations)
-Stronger double vibrations (less easily confused for a notification)
-Reduced .pbw size by 47% (will matter in future pebble firmwares)
-Cleaned up and commented source code (import linked .zip into cloudpebble to view)

1.0.0: Initial Release

created by - Jway5929

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