SmartModern JWay (Cydia)


For use ONLY with the CYDIA Version of Robhh's Smartwatch+
- Long back button press exits app

-Info Overlay shows Date, Bluetooth, Weather, and Phone & Pebble Battery status
-Now Playing Overlay shows Artist and Track Name of currently playing song
-Bluetooth disconnect icon (with smart vibrate...only one vibration notification per disconnect)
- The 7, 6, & 5 are replaced by the Mail, SMS & Phone icon respectively and only shown when mail, sms or phone notifications are outstanding on the phone.
-Low Pebble Battery indicator at 30%
-Pebble Battery charging indicator
-Great on battery (clock hands update once per min)
-Improved discrete hand movement
-Redesigned, cleaned-up hour numbers
-Shake when charging to show pebble battery level (hold charging connector)
-Auto refresh of Smartwatch+ data when watch reconnects after a disconnect.

User interactions:

-Up Button Short Press -- Volume Up
-Down Button Short Press -- Volume Down
-Up Button Long Press -- Previous Song and show Now Playing Overlay
-Down Button Long Press -- Next Song and show Now Playing Overlay
-Select Button Short Press -- Play/Pause and show Now Playing Overlay
-Push and Hold Select Button -- Hide Hands and show Info Overlay
-Back Button Short Press -- Update Smartwatch+ info and show info overlay
-Back Button Long Press -- Exit app
-Shake Watch -- Shake to show Info Overlay
-When a button is pressed while the watch is disconnected from the phone, the BT disconnected icon flashes

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created by - Jway5929

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