Droptype is a match-4 falling block puzzle game without rotation. Try making chains under pressure while keeping yourself from overflowing, or just drop blocks and watch them clear themselves.

The idea is to makes blocks of the same type adjacent to each other. When four or more of the same kind are touching, they immediately clear. Blocks above them fall, and if that creates another clear, then you've made a chain!

Up: Move Left
Select: Drop Floating Piece
Down: Move Right
Back: Pause to Main Menu

The game is endless, you lose when a block overflows. However, when you chain -- that is, clear blocks successively before getting your next floating piece -- you gain a free block. When you overflow with free blocks, you lose free blocks instead of losing. Droptype however is wary about letting you have too many free blocks, so there is a risk.

The game features a Main Menu in which you may press back to pause your game. There is also an Infinity Mode. In this mode, there is no drop timer and thus no clock to race against. This reduces battery usage to just whenever the status clock updates, when you press a button, or the animations. If you like the game enough, you can pretend it's a watchface! Infinity Mode appends an infinity to your score to let others know how you obtained the score.

Droptype becomes progressively more difficult the longer you play it.

New in v1.3:
- There is now an options menu accessible in the main menu even when you pause. With it, you can enable vibrate on react or disable light on react. The settings are per-session and are not saved after you exit.
- Blocks are now rendered via images, so Hard mode should now perform just as fast as Normal mode. You should no longer feel time slowing down when the field is incredibly full.

Webpage: http://meiguro.com/droptype/pebble/

Comment about it: http://forums.getpebble.com/discussion/5267/game-droptype-a-match-4-falling-block-puzzl

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created by - Meiguro

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