Plex Advance Remote [SDK2.0]


Plex Advance Remote

- Configuration inside JS Pebble App (need connection to internet for one time for configuration)
- 2 Clients Setup with persist data.
- Work with the new HTTP API - Home Theater and Android/iOS apps of Plex
- If only one was configure any menu client will work.
- Dont enter menu client 3 is not finished and probably will use the last configuration set.
- Next/Previous is about 15 seg of the streaming.
- Based of the work of @spangborn

Coming Soon

- 1 more client to configure.


- This not support Chromecast control Plex.
- Sometimes you must click another time more the select click to start/play the stream for the first time to the app know when you are starting to use my WachtApp if it is currently playing or in pause.
- Any problem or request plz comment and tell me :)

Update History

V 2.1.5
- Custom vibration.

V 2.1.4
- General fix
- Change web configuration page.

V 2.1.2 - 2.1.3
- Fix memory leak.
- Add function to Refresh info.
- Plex plass work only if you have it.

V 2.0.2
- Changes of UI
- Icon status bar.
- Fix long name in Music for Plex Pass users.
- New two commands on Navigation (Left/Right) with instructions.
- Icon on "Get Clients" function.

V 2.0.1
- Minor change.
V 2.0.0
- UI Icons.
- Plex Pass.
- UI change for Plex Pass (you dont need to give account info or do nothing it will automatic detect if you are).
- Out of Beta.

V 1.5.1
- Faster exit the app, only will save local storage once for every time "Get Clients" is pressed.


- Display of Server, IP and Host information in Menu UI and Media Player
- If Phone is not connected to the watch the app will display a splash notification.
- At start will appear a loading screen.
- Click the Options "Get clients" for get the information once you already Submit in the Configuration View.
- Local Storage , no need to "Get clients" just once will save your information.
- "Get clients" is a little bug so don't press if you don't need to get information.

V 1.4.0

- New menu with 3 Options:
1. Video 2. Music 3.Navigation
- Navigation menu : Up/Down/Select and Back (long press select button ).
- Video Menu : same things as before but with the Stop function (long press select button).
- Music Menu: Play/Pause/Next/Previous and Stop (long press select button).

Other : Clean some code.

created by - asyba

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