The 12 Doctors


This needed to exist in the world, so I made it.

The hours are indicated by the particular Doctor shown. The minutes are shown in the lower right.

A spinning TARDIS animation introduces the watchface when it is selected, and it also reappears (or one of a couple of other cute animations) at the top of each hour to transition between Doctors.

Battery and bluetooth indicators are included, and a day/date display can be enabled and in the language of your choice.

Also available on the Pebble App Store:

Update History

2.11 Fix crash on FW 2.8
2.4.2 Fix configuration issues on iOS
2.4.1 Minor internal restructuring
2.4.0 Adds option to display day/date
2.3.4 Workaround for Android Beta 11 configure bug
2.2.3 Minor rendering fixes
2.2.2 Fix for Firmware 2.0-RC crash
2.2 Enable in-app configuration
2.1 Add the "8.5th" Doctor at 8:30
2.0 Built for SDK v2.0
1.3 New transition animations on the hour

Other Versions

created by - drwrose

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