SmartStatus+ Music and Volume


This is a modification of the SmartStatus app to control music from the main watch screen. Source for the original can be found at

Hold Select- switch between Music Controls and Volume Mode

Music Controls-
Up- Previous Track
Down- Next Track
Select- Play (switch to Now Playing) / Pause (switch to Calendar)

Volume Mode-
Up- Volume up
Down- Volume down
Select- Play/Pause (will not leave Volume screen)

I've updated the watchapp to show Now Playing once you've hit play, and to switch back to calendar when you hit pause. This now works even if you use music controls that aren't on your watch!

Requires the App Store version of the SmartWatch+ app for iOS by Robert Hesse.

Update History

Update for SDK 2.0
Volume bar displayed instead of numbers
Now Playing shows if music is playing, even when you don't control it with your Pebble.

created by - Jedka

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