Tempus Fugit - Mark I


A light-hearted but hopefully somewhat useful event-driven Pebble App. In addition to its traditional Stopwatch and Countdown Timer functions, Tempus Fugit also provides a Real Time Meeting Cost calculator and three embedded watchfaces, including two variants of the SteamCab Simple Analog Watchface, as well as the Simplicity digital display.

The Meeting Cost Calculator automatically provides the total cost of any timed event, based upon user-controlled parameters (Total Number of Attendees, Average Salary and Elapsed Time). If you prefer to see your costs rising in real time, start the function timer and your Pebble will provide you with second-by-second meeting cost updates.

Both the Stopwatch and Countdown functions include an Alert feature. sounding distinctive Vibe patterns at user-specified intervals and the distinctive Analog Watchface App can be configured to operate in either "right handed" (clockwise) or "left handed" (counterclockwise) mode.

And best of all, all four functions can operate at the same time. Yes, your Pebble can now multitask!

Update History

Added Simplicity Watchface, tuned some menu labels & values (e.g. default salary now $100k). Fixed minor memory leak (deinit one additional logo file on exit).

created by - EngineerBill

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