SteamCab Nickelodeon - Mark I


An Animated Bitmap Viewer for your Pebble Watch!

The latest offering from the Steamchest Chronicles workbench, this animated bitmap viewer allows the user to load up two sets of bitmaps and either single step through them, or run them as an animation series at any rate between two and 20 frames per second. The user can toggle between single step and animation mode, as well as between the two different image sets.

To demonstrate the Pebble's ability to multitask (and to reduce the number of program slots required) this App also includes a copy of both the Lefthanded and Righthanded versions of the SteamCab Analog Watchface.

The maximum size of images that can be included is currently limited to 64k (this is the upper limit of a program resource segment in the current version of the Pebble SDK). For demonstration purposes this version of the program has been preloaded with two series of 11 images taken from Eadweard Muybridge's groudbreaking work on image animation, including his original 1878 series "Sallie Gardner at a Gallop" (also known as "The Horse in Motion") and one of his later series of studies of the human form produced while working at the University of Pittsburgh.

As is customary for SteamCab offerings, the source code to this App is published simultaneously at It has been extensively annotated to encourage learning and experimentation.

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created by - EngineerBill

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