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I had been wanting to do this watchface for a while, and finally spent the effort to compress weather forecast information down for the Pebble. Some of the icons are recycled from the Fair Weather watch, and the settings are customizable at http://SetPebble.com .

The current weather conditions are displayed at the top: wind speed and direction; humidity represented by a shaded water droplet; cloud icon shaded by estimated cloud coverage; current temperature. Below is the forecast for the next five days, including the current day. For each day there is a weather icon, the high temperature, and the low temperature. The status bar in between indicates the last update time and the city of the forecasted data.

If the forecast data seems wrong, please check with http://openweathermap.org first to see if the problem is the watchface or the original forecast data is incorrect.

The httPebble app is required, available through the App Store and Google Play. This app is so that the Pebble watch can communicate to the Internet. Note that some people reported issues of buffer overflow while using Pebbler which recently added httPebble support.

The settings for temperature, date format, screen, etc. can be set at http://SetPebble.com .

Update History

1.1: Updated for Pebble firmware 1.13
1.2: Updated for Pebble firmware 1.14.1

created by - GORGES

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