Steam B. Willie


Your favorite mouse on your Pebble! Animates every 15 minutes. Start whistlin'!

v.02 Update: forgot to deinit the bottom background area. Fixed.

v.03 Update: properly deiniting fonts.

v.04 Update: cosmetic changes to day text alignment.

v.1 Update: Finally a version 1! Font display rewritten to accommodate 12h and 24h time. 12h uses a larger font that 24h. Font updated for better readability and all text is now centered within each section for a cleaner layout.

v.1.1 Update: Streamlined backend significantly. Improved playback performance, outro now animates smoothly. Also plays nicer with large watch faces like DOOM.

v.1.2 Update: Fixed a display error with the time "10:00" as the last zero ran out of bounds. Now the font will dynamically resize and revert back to the larger size at 10:01.

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