Voted best Pebble App of November 2013

SmartModern is the analog version of SmartStatus. Both apps require the App Store version of the Smartwatch+ iOS app to work. More information about Smartwatch+ can be found here:

The design of this watch app is based on zalew's beautiful Modern watch face.

In addition to displaying the time, SmartModern has a couple of advanced features:
- displays weather, date, and iPhone battery status on the main watch face
- shows next 2 calendar appointments
- alerts (with vibration) for calendar appointments 5 minutes before the appointment is scheduled, as well as at the start time of the appointment.
- displays currently playing song
- graphical indicators while updating and for lost phone connection

Button assignment:
- Top: update
- Center: hide clock hands to reveal info below
- Bottom: switch between data layers

Update History

Version 1.1:
- Fixes a bug that displayed the relative time for calendar appointments wrong

created by - robhh

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