The first true watch app to control Philips Hue via Pebble Smartwatch!

Donations SUPER appreciated as so many hours and long nights of work have been put into, and continue to be put into this app. We work full time and are part time students who are dedicating their free time to making this for you guys. Always appreciated to help our pizza fund. ;) Donate here:

- Turn all of your lights, or a selcted few, off quick and easy with a few simple button presses on your wrist!
- Or change it to one of our color options, including White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Orange, and Pink! Even have Advanced Color options to fine tune to your preference!
- Set your brightness percentage! Whether you want 100%, 50%, or even 42% brightness, just choose what you want your lights dimmed to! It even checks to see where your brightness is currently set when you pull the menu up!
- Like the Philips presets for Relax, Concentrate, Energize, and Reading? Well those are also quick options under our presets menu!
- Those looking for a quick party starter can click the Extras option and use our Color Loop, Randomize, Metronome, or Dance features!
- Quick easy registering with some quick prompts from the start! Also a register option, just in case.
- A disconnection page to let you know when we've lost connection!
- Configuration page to fine tune your Hue IP settings. (Advanced Users Only!)

All this, without even pulling your phone out of your pocket!

This does require firmware 2.0, and the official Pebble application to be running at all times!

Keep an eye open! As we have a LOT of upcoming features that we can't talk about just yet. ;) Thanks for your support!

Video Demo:

Update History

- Reworked detection system! It should actually detect all of your bulbs and let you control them this time. Sorry about that guys. :P
- Menu has been reworked to streamline faster light selection and control!
- When opening Huebble it is defaulted to controlling every light on your network, once individual bulbs are selected, you can send the highlighted commands to the selected bulb with select, and by doing a long press on select it will send the request to all bulbs! Makes it much easier to quickly control selected and immediately control every bulb!
- If a request is submitted and the lights are off, it will turn them on and to what's requested! (e.g. If they're off and you set to 20% brightness, they'll turn on to 20% without you having to manually tell them to turn on first. Very helpful for waking up in the dark!)
- Increased speed of menu scrolling.
- Now allows you to exit registration screen a the start of the app without registering rather than getting stuck in a loop and requiring a force quit.
- KNOWN ISSUE: You will have to reregister the app with your Hue hub once again at the start, and after doing so the lights menu will not detect the name of your bulbs, this is a one time error associated with initial registration that can be resolved by simply exiting Huebble and reentering again.

- Fix for light name detection to work properly.
- App now remembers which lights were selected upon exiting.

- Fixed a critical crash caused when no connection to Hub
- Updated the "Send' icon"

- Cleaned up Javascript
- Can now push and hold to control all bulbs for Dance Mode
- Added splash screen to help with background loading
- Tweaked some icons

- Added an always on backlight

created by - metroidmen

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