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Please download from the Pebble App Store: This version will no longer be maintained.

Your Pebble watch, your phone and the free Morpheuz app are all you need to monitor your night's sleep.

Inside the Pebble watch is a movement sensor called an accelerometer. Using this Morpheuz tracks your movement during the night and transmits this back to your phone.

You view this information on your phone as a graph of movement over the night, and as a chart of the time spent in deep sleep, light sleep and potentially awake states.

Morpheuz includes a Smart Alarm facility. This enables you to set an earliest and latest wake-up time. When Morpheuz detects that you are stirring within this period, Morpheuz will gently awaken you with 30 seconds of watch vibration. If you remain in a deep sleep until the latest wake up time, Morpheuz will always attempt to wake you.

Morpheuz also includes a Power Nap feature. Once activated (by pressing select for 1.5 seconds), Morpheuz starts a countdown once you stop moving, giving an optimum 27 minutes of rest before stirring you with gentle vibration.

You can export a single night’s data via an email. You can then easily import this CSV data into a spreadsheet.

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Show a past chart from CSV data:


Update History

Version 2.8
* Version warning in settings page
* Copyright upgraded to 2015
* Full C to JS round trip app message ACK
* Better version number propogation
* Allow working builds without the file containing usage application key
* No longer stops the worker process on exit as this wrecked upgrades
* Settings page scales to size of phone
* Report view in pushover scales to size of phone and supports landscape

Version 2.7
* Improved icons
* Export done icon
* Last export date on settings page
* Auto export timeout handling
* Better auto export error handling
* Anonymous usage statistics using

Version 2.6
* Auto export to Pushover;
* Auto export to Smartwatch Pro and Healthkit;
*Longer alarm;
*Bar chart;
*New icon;

Version 2.5
* Smart Alarm Settings on watch
* Auto Reset
* Power Saving

Version 2.4
* Analogue watchface
* Menus
* Gentler alarm

Version 2.3
* The chart displays are more modern looking (strong colours, shades & no drop shadows). I hope you like these.
* Morpheuz attempts to work out the start and end of your period of sleep - this is represented on the chart as two vertical solid orange lines. The first is set for the first 10 minute period where your movement is below the threshold set for awake. The last is set to either the actual alarm time or if the alarm didn't go off the last 10 minute period where your movement is below the threshold set for awake.
* The start and end of the sleep period is reported in a new statistics section called 'Sleep Analysis Data Point' - this is intended for entry directly into Apple's Healthkit.
* The trend line has been removed from the graph - it had little purpose anyway as it was always messed up by the waking time after the alarm.
* The drop downs for minutes (iOS only) has been changed to be in 5 minute rather than 15 minute intervals - you may now choose to wake at 7:10!
* The text boxes for hours and minutes (Android only) have been set to type number. This should hopefully give Android users a numeric keypad on entry.
* The email export attempts to close the morpheuz config window as leaving it open on ios8 caused the Pebble app to hang.
* Once you have slept and got some 'Sleep Analysis Data Point' data a button will appear below (iOS only). The purpose of this button will be revealed shortly, although you can probably guess.
* It's all been recompiled with Pebble SDK 2.6.1
* Morpheuz now has a background process. Since Pebble only runs on background process at a time, this ensures that you are reminded that something else is running. You have the choice to suspend it (answer yes) whilst Morpheuz is running or allow it to run (answer no). If you answer no the other activity monitoring app may close down Morpheuz and prevent the alarm and full overnight charting.

Version 2.2.0
1) Ignore - a double press of the select button marks the current 10
minute period as 'ignored' (this can be undone by another double
press). Ignored periods appear as a vertical grey bar on the chart and
are included in their own (grey) segment on the pie chart. The idea is
that getting up to visit the loo, get a drink or a little nighttime
tweeting doesn't get included in the sleep pattern. There is a little
'ignore' icon on the top of the watch display.
2) The comms activity has been reduced to an absolute minimum - this
results in noticeably better battery life.
3) The are three links on the bottom of the chart page to instructions
at, and links to the facebook page and twitter profile
apps via the url scheme. The facebook and twitter are text only on
4) Notice screen has been replaced - it isn't as artistic but I needed
more space for internationalisation of the text (English is the most
terse of the languages so room for longer text was essential). This is
really preparation for the future.
5) Animated initial screen - a little fun (I hope).
6) Integer arithmetic throughout. This has a very significant code size
change, but should also have a minor positive impact on battery life.
7) Resend data (double press of back button) - Morpheuz sends all data
to the phone ready for the settings button to be pressed. It uses the
ACK from the phone to decide that the transfer has been completed.
Sometimes the javascript on the phone doesn't run and there are gaps in
the chart. Pressing resend will re-transmit all of the data from the
watch to the phone over the next minute or so.
8) The keyboard hint page is no longer a graphic - the text is Pebble
generated - again this is for internationalisation. It doesn't look
much different.
9) The app icon has changed again. Honestly this is the last time - I'm
done with low res 1 bit plane images.
10) Email address for email export is stored.

Version 2.1.0
* NEW Weekend mode - One button press prevents the smart alarm going
off and automatically re-enables it for the next night. Ideal for those
nights when you go to bed knowing you don't need to get up. Activated
by a long press on the down button either before or after the long
press on the reset button.
* Further battery optimisation - calculation for smart alarm threshold
was taking place outside of the smart alarm period. This was a waste.
* Interfacing of the smart alarm actual time is now done as part of the
assured delivery loop. This prevents the smart alarm actual time being
lost if the watch app is shut when comms is down.
* New menu icon - again. Not satisfied with the last one.
* Reset does a double buzz if the smart alarm is on and a single buzz
if it is off. As before a total failure gives an SOS buzz.
* Built with latest SDK
* Comms icon cannot be at odds with BT icon

Version 2.0.0
* New graphics;
* SOS buzz when accelerometer is not working;
* better battery life;

Version 1.9.0
* Snooze
* Button hint screen
* Progressive alarm

Version 1.8.0
* Back button requires long press
* Clear onscreen notices
* Alarm can be cancelled by pressing any button

Version 1.7.0
* Runs without persistent connection to phone
* Data transfer when connected to phone
* Reset from watch
* Progress bar
* Recording indicator
* Flashing accelerometer indicator

Version 1.6.0
* Power nap
* Bluetooth and comms indication
* Hourly statistics

Version 1.5.0

* Use Pebble accelerometer vibration indication - much simpler than my original technique
* Add inverse display
* Improved algorithm for determining sleep quality

Version 1.4.0
Ensured that parseInt is always called with a radix of 10. Conversion in some browsers (iOS) makes 09 = 9 decimal. In others (Android) makes 09 = 0.

Version 1.2.0
* Make config buttons work for Android
* Ensures that if the app hasn’t got focus then we don’t consider the
accelerometer data (probably the alarm or an alert is going off)
* Ensure it’s own alarm doesn’t produce a movement spike
* Plot the start and end of the smart alarm period, plus now the time
the smart alarm actually went off.
* Visual clues to tie the start and end times against the graph
* Reduced the emphasis of the trend line - which is interesting but not
*that* interesting.

Version 1.1.0
* Compiled for 2.0 beta3
* Improved graphing adding trend line
* CSV mailto: now vertical
* Minutes on CSV now minutes not months.
* Serious code tidyup on web hosted side

Version 1.0.0
* Better watch face graphics
* Smart alarm times on watch screen
* Nicer fonts
* Now includes MIT Licence.

Version 0.8.0
* Copy option - copies as CSV data in a mailto (appears as an email document)

Version 0.7.0

* Battery meter on screen at all times
* Version shown on watch face and in config window
* Date (ISO format) shown on graph
* Resolution of graph now 1 point per 10 mins not 1 point per 15 mins.

Version 0.6.0

* Watchapp not watchface.
* Automatic self monitoring to reboot comms and accelerometer if problems occur
* Better graphing - gaps where no data found.
* Removed bug with resetting timer service repeatedly - could have resulted in poor battery life.

Version 0.5.0
Added Smart Alarm. Set a time period from the earliest time to the latest time you wish to be woken and Morpheuz will wake you during that period with 30 seconds of vibration. It will attempt to alarm when you are restless rather than in a deep sleep. Unless it has already done so it will alarm at the end of the period.

Added a time scale to the sleep activity graph.

Extended the monitoring timeframe to 9 hours.

PLEASE NOTE: This is beta software on a beta OS. Whilst I am confident Morpheuz will not attempt to alarm outside the period specified, there is a possibility that it may not alarm at all. Please ensure that you set a backup alarm. During testing I've had the watch face swap during the night and this disables monitoring and the alarm function.

Also note, the new timeframe is only saved when the "Reset and Go" button is pressed, not when "Done" is pressed.

The vibration can be cancelled by closing the app.

created by - JamesFowler42

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