How to install watch faces to your pebble

iOS Devices
[iOS] Must Have Pebble App 1.0.6 and Above to Load Community Watchapps. Please make sure you have the latest app installed.

Step One

Click on the "Download WatchFace" button


Step 2

You will be redirected to download the PBW file.

At the top left of Safari you should see the "Open In". When you tap it you will see a list of apps, choose the "Open in Pebble" option.

N.B If the file size shows 0 kb try tapping refresh to force it to download


After you have done this once it should then show "Open in Pebble" in the top right.

Step 3

It will open the Pebble app and ask if you want to install the file. After you tap continue it will load the watch face to your pebble!